New Conditioning Wear


New products from CW-X Conditioning Wear have arrived at Fleet Feet Wichita! From over 40years of research in kinesiology, these conditioning wear products aid movement while providing support. Men, we have the CW-X Pro Shorts, a superior muscular support for linear activities like running and walking. Optimal benefit for hamstrings and quads. They feature a special support web suspension system with compression, meaning your legs don't have to work as hard to stay fresh. For ladies, we have the CW-X Stability X 3/4 Length Tights and the Stability X Ventilator Shorts. Both of these offer optimal benefits for joint support through the core and hips. The exoskeleton provides a support system for the core, IT band, and hip flexor areas for increased stability and improved performance. 

Great products to try if you are experiencing muscle fatigue and joint problems, especially for longer distances. Available at both our locations. 


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