Flying Angels 2015

Flying Angels First Practice and Signup
March 7, 2015, Trinity Track at 3pm

If you are interested in joining the Flying Angels, please attend this practice. Please see eligibility below.

Participation Eligibility

  • Athletes Ages 6-18.
  • If an athlete is also participating in a KSHSAA affiliated high school or middle school, the athlete may NOT participate with Flying Angels DURING the school season. Anytime before or after the school season the athlete may participate without restriction. Flying Angels are very strict about compliance with this rule. Middle school athletes that choose not to participate with their school’s team may participate with Flying Angels year-round. If your school is not KSHSAA sanctioned, the athlete can participate with Flying Angels year-round.
  • All athletes’ parents are required to sign a liability waiver.
  • All athletes and parents are required to sign a conduct agreement.

Participation Conditions

  • We have a VERY clear and specific vision about what youth running should be and about what youth behavior should be. This vision is not perfect but it is one we firmly believe in. Participation by the athletes and parents is strictly voluntary. Anyone who finds our vision and methods incompatible with their own should reconsider participating.
  • First and foremost Flying Angels is about development of character, respect, friendships and teamwork. We will NOT compromise these principles at any time.
  • Athletes are expected to support teammates at all times. There is great power in the synergy of positive energy. We will teach and expect positive behavior at all times. Mistreating or making fun of teammates will ABSOLUTELY NOT be tolerated.
  • Athletes are expected to be attentive and not disruptive. We have precious few hours together and the nature of certain workouts require a very timely schedule. ANY disruptive behavior will result in being dismissed from practice. Continued disruptive behavior will warrant dismissal from the team.
  • Coaches are in charge. What they say goes!
  • An athlete or parent that fails to comply with the coaches’ estimation of what these principles entail, will be counseled. Any repetition of behavior will result in being expelled from practice and/or from the team.
  • When we participate in events, we expect the officials of the event to be treated with complete respect and appreciation. If there is an issue with the officials, simply contact one of the Flying Angel coaches. The coaches will handle ALL issues with the officials.


  • Home-Runs
    • These are the runs that athletes do at home when not meeting with the rest of the team for organized practice
    • This is the “glue” element in a successful aerobic-based distance running program.
    • Without home-runs there is very little value in attending team practices. Short and long-term training is developed with the assumption that home-runs are being done.

Mission Statement
The Flying Angels distance running club exists for providing young runners a sound foundation and vehicle to develop and sustain a fitness base conducive to life-long fitness and competitive opportunities at any level.

It is my strong conviction that while individuals can improve their current physical and psychological readiness at any stage in life, in order to achieve optimal, long-term results – in both, general health/fitness and competitive excellence – desired results are best achieved when well-founded training principles are applied at the earliest prudent opportunity and maintained throughout stages of development.

The ultimate goal is simply to provide the best environment and methodology to nurture each athlete to maximize his or hers competitive running and general health potential and to present individual and team racing opportunities.

To best achieve these goals, we hope to provide an environment where young runners can have a fun-filled and uplifting experience while receiving the best technical instruction and developing essential disciple. We will apply principles rooted in science, study of historical training methods, my personal training and coaching experience and inspirational ideas from running greats.

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