Cross Training Shoes

There are many benefits to cross training, and this is a great way to develop as a runner or walker. Just like when you get fit for running and walking shoes, When you get fit for cross training shoes we will assess your biomechanic needs, foot measurements, and discuss activities you will use the shoes for.

Running and walking are very linear motions. Cross training in comparison requires your body to move in a diverse range of motions (jumps, lateral moves etc). A good cross training shoe will often have a lower heel to toe drop and be lower in profile. This is to move your foot into a more natural position, increasing your balance and responsiveness to changing conditions/movement. Cross training shoes are often more flexible and lightweight. Let our staff help you find your cross training shoe. These are available at both our locations, and it would be our pleasure to assist.

Featured above are the Brooks Pureflow, Saucony Kinvara, New Balance Fresh Foam Zante, and the Innovate F-Lite 225.

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