What's Your Hydration Plan?

As temperatures continue to rise, it's time to think seriously about your hydration plan. Dehydration is a leading cause of injuries and restricts our bodies to function effectively. We recommend breaking your plan for hydration into three categories, before, during and after you exercise. We should be hydrating all day, but especially 8-16oz 1-2hrs before and after exercise. During exercise 3-6oz every 15-20minutes. If you are exercising over 30minutes we encourage electrolyte consumption (ie Nuun). Electrolytes ensure that water is being evenly distributed to tissues, organs and muscles.  

Featured in the above image is the Nathan Firestorm 2 liter race vest, Citrus and Orange Nuun, Tropical Orange UCAN, and an insulated 18oz handheld Nathan Speedraw Plus. 

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