New Year, New Shoe, New You!





 Welcome 2017.

With the passing of another year, comes the annual rite of reflection, goal setting and renewed energy.

For many people this brings the acceptance of new challenges and for others shifting and sometimes sweeping lifestyle changes.

Beyond your own personal commitment and resolve, the support of others in your life plus the greater fitness community, one of the key indicators of ultimate success this year reaching your goals is health and comfort. The number one reason we hear every day in the store is customers facing challenges with injury and discomfort. Although there is no magic bullet when it comes to injury prevention, getting started with the right shoe can eliminate a huge number of potential problems.

All shoes are not created equally. Keep this in mind. Size, width, cushion, support and structure are key factors to a shoe performing as intended. Throw in the intended uses, a running shoe may not be the best shoe to lift in or do high intensity cardio training. A few thoughts on this; In many cases having multiple shoe might be a good idea for different activities or workouts on back to back days. Keep in mind a technical high quality shoe does not have to be heavy and clunky. The shoe industry is doing everything possible to make their shoe lighter while maintaining support and cushion. Always keep in mind the use of an orthotic for additional support and comfort and reduction of injuries. For many Podiatrists the use of a custom or over-the-counter orthotic is the number one indicator to reduce overuse injuries.     

In addition to all the positive health and “pre”hab (rather than rehab) benefits of new footwear, there is another compelling argument to a new pair of kicks as we get going on our goals for 2017. The emotional and psychological benefits that a purchase can make. It is like a covenant to create motion. I often tell people when I am in a running funk, “I need to register for a race!” This small move and commitment helps to get me out the door in the morning. That small printout on the fridge with a date creates urgency. The same can be said for those shoes looking at you in the dimly lit closet on those early cold mornings, seemingly beckoning “let’s go play”.  

There are so many factors that can lead to ultimate success in 2017 and beyond. Don’t let something as silly as shin splints, knee tendonitis or plantar fasciitis get in the way when many of these things can be reduced or eliminated with improved footwear.

Seize 2017, eliminate excuses, focus on progress and achieve goals.

We will see you out there!

Joel Stansloski, Owner Fleet Feet Wichita, and 2017 Resolver.

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