Shin Splints

Shin Splints is pain along your shinbone (tibia bone) in your leg. This common injury often flares up as we increase our activity level. This February we are focusing on Shin Splints, how to prevent and treat. There are many products that can help the battle against shin splints, from footwear, compression socks to drive blood flow, superfeet insoles to work with shoes and stabilize and reduce stress and shock off shin, Addaday Trio balls to help with tight calves. 

Upcoming Clinics:
Monday February 15th East Store 7pm - Shin Splints Clinic by Nathan Wadsworth

Wednesday February 24th East Store 7pm - Shin Splints Clinic by Julie Gawith

Keep an eye on our social media for relevant Shin Splints posts all month long. Are Shin Splints bothering you? Stop by and talk with our team about solutions.  


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